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Happy seniors who were able to earn cash from their life insurance policy


Convert Your Life Insurance Into Cash Through A

Enjoy Your Life Settlement Benefits Today

Your life insurance policy is a valuable financial asset that can be converted into cash through a life settlement.


Is It Possible To Sell A Life Insurance Policy?

By selling your life insurance policy for cash, you can unlock the financial value of your policy and use it to cover expenses such as medical bills, debt, or any other financial needs.

65 Years Of Age or Older

To qualify for a life settlement, policyholders typically need to be at least 65 years old. In addition to age, other factors that may impact a policy's value include the policy's death benefit, premiums, and the policyholder's overall health and medical history.

An Active Life Insurance Policy

Having an active life insurance policy is a requirement for policyholders to sell their policy through a life settlement. The policy must be in force, meaning that premiums have been paid and the policy has not lapsed or been surrendered.

Changes In Health

If a policyholder's health improves, they may no longer need their life insurance policy or the coverage may no longer be necessary for their beneficiaries. Continuing to pay premiums on a policy that is no longer needed can be an unnecessary expense

Whether you have a term life insurance policy that is set to expire or a permanent policy that you no longer need, our program provides a flexible and efficient solution to help you access the cash value of your policy.

Happy family who was able to earn cash from their life insurance policy

Many policyholders find that their life insurance policy becomes unnecessary as their needs change. They mistakenly believe that their only choices are to let the policy expire or surrender it to the insurance company.


However, a life settlement offers an alternative, allowing you to convert your policy into cash while retaining part of the coverage without future premium payments.


Golden Life Solutions, a leading life settlement company, can assist policyholders in exploring their life insurance settlement options.


Don't compromise on the value you deserve.



STEP 1 - Contact Us

Get in touch and provide us with some basic information about your life insurance policy.


You can do this by filling out a simple form on our website or by calling our toll-free number.

STEP 2 - Get An Estimate

We will evaluate your policy to determine its value and eligibility for a life settlement.


We'll then provide you with an estimate of the amount you can expect to receive if you decide to sell your policy.

STEP 3 - Receive Payout

If you decide to move forward with the life settlement, we will help you find a buyer for your policy.


After an offer is accepted, you will transfer ownership of the policy in exchange for a lump sum cash payout.

To ensure a proper estimate of your life insurance policy's value, please enter your information as accurately and detailed as possible.

We're Available To Assist You. Contact A Policy Specialist Now At (866)-836-5433
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